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Votre panier est vide

In this collection, we decided to follow in the footsteps, or rather the brushstrokes of the great French master, Matisse. The meaning of opening windows that allow us to look at life in a different way. A form of optimism, making reference to the fact that everything in life depends on which windows we decide to open and the way we look through them.

Matisse & Tangier

His life was not good and his journey got off to a bad start. There was rain with no signs of stopping. He was beginning to lose hope. Suddenly, when he opened the window of his room 35 he saw the skies begin to clear and he was able to see the city with a different perspective. The green tiled roofs and white steeple of St. Andrew's Church; the white city; the tall, square, tiled minaret; the Casbah on the distant hill, and the sapphire Mediterranean Sea beyond.

The color pallette

The color palette draws from both the vibrant pigments and pastel hues of Matisse's Moroccan Triptych. The 3 paintings evoked serenity and calmness, which were exactly those feelings sought by Matisse. These intensely rich hues are set against the palette of the more dim colors of Parisian facades in the autumn. Grounded shades of umber, dark gray, almost black, and light warm tones are lit up against richer blues, greens, turquoise and bold yellows.


Photographer: Juan Retallak
Creative Direction: Karol Benavides
Styling: Isabelle Quai
Videographer: Isaac Sáchez
Makeup: Kariana Martinez
Hair: Kariana Martinez
Talent: Danielle Van Randen