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A Celebration of Artisanal Skills and Passion

The Essence of Artistry

Discover the world of Férvora, where every stitch and detail is a testament to the passion and artistry of our craftsmen. Immerse yourself in a fashion experience that transcends trends, as we honor the timeless beauty of skillful hands and imaginative minds coming together to create wearable masterpieces.


Draping is the method of placing and pinning the cloth on a dress form. We use draping to elevate the flowiness and structure of the fabric by manipulating the cloth on the shape.

Who and where are our artisans?  Skilled women based in our studio.


Hand embroidery is an age-old craft that consists of sewing designs by hand onto a piece of cloth. Various types of hand embroidery date back thousands of years. It was employed in Middle Ages tapestries, Colonial and Victorian ladies' samplers, and Ancient Egypt to embellish the hems of royal garments. The beauty is in its distinctiveness; it is comparable to the distinction between handwritten calligraphy and a typed font. With the main purpose of further embellishing the fabric, it sometimes includes sequins, beads, feathers and pearls.

Hand Blocking

A form of fabric embellishment. The design is first carved into the wooden blocks using hand tools such as chisels and hammers. Precision is key as the patterns are often intricate. We use it to apply a design or pattern onto a fabric. It is all done by hand. 

Who and where are our artisans? Community of artisans based in India.


A method, in which one material, typically plain, is layered on top of another to produce distinctive contrasting designs, patterns, or textures. Using traditional stitching techniques, we sometimes use embroidered details which we then “apply” on our fabric in specific places. This way we have full control of the placement of the designs. 

Who and where are our artisans? Community of skilled women based in Colombia and our studio in Bogotá.


The art of handloom Jacquard weaving is one that goes back hundreds of years and spans generations, the skill being handed down from father to son. A Jacquard loom weaves so that the design is apparent on both sides of the fabric, with the back being just as appealing as the front. It is made on a loom.

Who and where are our artisans? Community of artisans based in India. We also work with a family owned manufacturer in Italy.


We develop different fabrics that are customized for us. These fabrics require much work since they're done by hand on a loom with the use of various blends of natural fibers.

The partners we work with, ensure optimal work ethics with the purpose to employ, preserving the crafts, and bettering the lives of the artisans.

Who and where are our artisans? Community of artisans based in India.

Harris Tweed's: made by independent artisans in Scotland