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/ˈfəːvə:ra/ : Del lat. fervor,

We believe that fashion can be a powerful tool for change. It can help us to celebrate our diversity and to build a the world we envision.
That's why we created Férvora.

Férvora, derived from the word "fervor," represents the feminine embodiment of living life with unrestricted passion. A movement that celebrates the timeless beauty of natural materials, the revival of forgotten crafts, and the enchanting allure of romance and dreams. We believe in the transformative power of art and fashion to inspire, connect, and ignite change. Our bohemian flair, romantic spirit, and dreamy designs invite you to embrace a world where beauty, ethics, and craftsmanship intertwine. Férvora is an ode to the past, and a bridge to a more sustainable and connected future.

From the heart of Colombia, for those with a romantic soul.

Férvora blooms from the seeds of a cherished childhood dream nurtured by Karol Benavides. It is a profound tribute to a silent whisper of encouragement, honoring the gentle force that breathed life into her dream, her mother. Imagining a fashion realm harmonizing detailed tailoring with natural fibers, she found her inspiration in the diverse cultures of her Colombian and Canadian upbringing. While her initial venture into fashion began with repurposing her parents' clothes when she was a child, it is in 2022 that she launches her first collection.

In 2023, Isabelle Quai joins her in this journey bringing undeniable creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to enhance the vision of the brand, which is a bond they have cherished ever since.