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By Férvora

We are deeply committed to promoting sustainability and conscious fashion practices.

We Launch Only When We're Ready

To align with our values, we have chosen to focus on quality over quantity. We established a "drops" approach by which we have 1 macro collection a year and 2-3 smaller drops which are the evolution of the macro collection. This deliberate approach allows us to nurture our creative process while significantly reducing our environmental impact.

94% Of The Fabrics Are Natural

In our pursuit of timeless style and exceptional craftsmanship, we prioritize the use of natural fibers such as cotton, silk, wool and linen for our ready-to-wear garments. 94% of the fabrics used in our 2023 collection are biodegradable materials. This way, we ensure that our pieces not only exude elegance but also possess a superior level of comfort and durability.

And The Remaining 6%?

For linings, we uphold our dedication to sustainability by crafting each piece using recycled polyester. This innovative fabric is derived from recycled PET plastic bottles, transforming waste into that contributes to the reduction of plastic pollution.

The Prints

Moreover, we are mindful of our printing techniques and their impact on the environment. To minimize water consumption and environmental footprint, we employ digital printing for our ready-to-wear collection.

The Right Quantities

In our commitment to minimizing waste, we have adopted a proactive approach to production. Instead of overproducing, we prioritize working with pre-orders to ensure we create the right quantities that align with our customers' demands. By closely listening to and responding to our customers' needs, we restock our items during the season, allowing for a more efficient and sustainable production process.

No Waste

For December 2022, we dropped 2 pieces that showcase our commitment to circular fashion and design practices that minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Each piece in our upcycled collection is meticulously crafted from materials that have been repurposed, breathing new life into discarded or unused resources.

Giving Back

We want to give back to special and meaningful causes in the means possible to us. Each year, we will partner with movements that make impactful initiatives.

For 2023, we will donate 10% of the proceeds to the charity Amigos del Mar. This choice reflects our deep-rooted values of social responsibility and giving back to the community.

Amigos del Mar is a charity that aligns closely with our commitment to environmental conservation and marine protection. Their mission and efforts in safeguarding our oceans and coastal ecosystems deeply resonate with us. We aim to contribute directly to their impactful initiatives.

By adhering to these practices, we strive to create less waste, foster sustainable production processes, and offer pieces that are cherished and loved for years to come. At Férvora, we believe that fashion can be both beautiful and environmentally responsible, and we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the industry.